Dale Audrey ® WHITE2NITE ®, Is the most Natural, Effective, Affordable tooth whitener that exists today.

WHITE2NITE was Created by Dale Audrey R.D.H., with more than 30 years of clinical experience. Being against toxic chemicals, her goal was to create a non toxic, effective and affordable dental product line. ( see other products www.daleaudrey.com)

WHITE2NITE the only true Natural tooth whitener was born in 2005. It is Enamel safe, non toxic, and does not cause any tooth or gum sensitivity. Our proprietary formula , with Professional Power TM allows the our whitening process  to start instantly! Results may be seen with a first use application!

WHITE2NITE, can be used with or without a custom dental tray.It is the perfect way to whiten and maintain to prevent tooth yellowing.

* Dentist Recommended,

* Enamel Safe

* No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or animal testing!

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